Wildlife Foundation helped provide nearly 300,000 seedlings for students in 966 schools across Pennsylvania

State College, PA - The Seedlings for Schools program marked its 10th year anniversary with record number participation. This spring, a total of 160,276 students across Pennsylvania were presented with a seedling from Howard Nursery in central Pennsylvania to plant and watch it grow. That amounts to nearly 65,000 more children – a 68% increase over last year. This experience offers benefits far beyond adding a tree to the planet. In today's world of over-extended children who prefer an electronic device to fresh air, this program connects children to the outdoors by emphasizing their role in the conservation of our natural resources.

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Wildlife For Everyone Foundation provides funding for education classroom tools utilized by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Urban Wildlife Kits are among the most frequently used in lessons across Pennsylvania. The kit features four lessons:

  • Tooth Sleuth - a lesson on herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
  • Critter Clues - a lesson on adaptations of humans and wildlife.
  • Bite This - a lesson on the uses of animals' teeth.
  • Who Walked Where - a lesson on animal track collections.

The kit also includes the pelts and skulls of many of the mammals of Pennsylvania. Suggested lesson plans and references are provided as well.

Wildlife For Everyone Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Foundation. More information about the foundation's education program can be found by contacting them at: