Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area

Many wetland impoundments at the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area were constructed in the early 1960's, and have served wildlife well over 45 years. Today, however, many of them are succumbing to age, and are losing their value as important wildlife habitat.

The Wildlife For Everyone Foundation funded the entire purchase of the 60-foot long aluminum water control structure for Pond #3. This pond is situated in the heart of the Controlled Hunting area, this impoundment was a key resting area for Canada geese and ducks, and was heavily used by numerous other wetland birds and eagles. Once the habitat was gone, so were the greater and lesser yellowlegs, dunlins, snapping and painted turtles, and others that used the impoundment at some stage of life or time of year. Once the banks become stabilized, the Game Commission will begin to refill the impoundment. It will take a full year for the vegetation to become established. Afterwards, the water level will be regulated as needed to produce a plant community that provides optimal food and cover for wildlife.