Save Colyer Lake

For almost 50 years, Colyer Lake served as a popular spot for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, viewing wildlife and relaxing near water. This man-made lake was always been a popular spot for picnics with families and friends. After an annual inspection was performed in 2012, the report was filed that Colyer Lake was unsafe and ordered a total draining of the lake.

County residents drew up plans to save Colyer Lake and created Save Colyer Lake, Inc. In just a few short months, this organization collected over $125,000 in pledges. While this is just a small amount towards an estimated $6.8 million cost of renovating the new dam and eroded spillway, the group hoped that the state would give Colyer Lake greater priority once funds become available.

Wildlife For Everyone Foundation partnered with Save Colyer Lake to help provide an avenue for Save Colyer Lake for tax-deductible contributions. WFEEF has set up a special fund to accept tax exempt contributions for Save Colyer Lake, Inc. For more information about Save Colyer Lake visit